About SGNI Group

SGNI Educational Group which is Embodiment of passion and knowledge . An Academic place where knowledge and passion combine with the rapid advancement & enhancement of technology. SGNI Group provides huge variety of services to all kind of students, whether students belong to IT sector or other academic streams. SGNI has good affiliations with MNCs which provide numerous opportunities for employment to students. All in all, SGNI Group gives direction to student’s career which ultimately results into growth & development of the students. Institute’s energetic staff provides healthy & comfortable environment in addition to excellent results.

SGNI Educational Group is a student’s place, where all the dreams come true. As the name suggests that this place is LORD’s place that means education with the blessings of God. SGNI is a framework of quality and quantity based education. It is evident from the last few years, that SGNI has consistently delivered the complete package of Literacy and Competence.

SGNI Educational Group is a fully fledged computer training organization specializing in computer literacy & competence. SGNI is the largest training center in the Region. We teach a range of classes that start with the basic computer knowledge and extend to the very advanced computer programs & software’s. The institute provides a wide variety of courses such as short & medium term certification, professional’s advanced courses, designed by our expert academician after careful market study and research.

Prime Objective is to spread the Quality Based Job-oriented education Pan-India. SGNI Group works for the welfare of students as well as progress of the nation .Our main concern is to remove the hurdles in the way of progress & development of India , SGNI provides the best of infrastructure , High level study material , standard certification .Our Mission is to provide such a quality Education that exceeds the expectations of our students. Our own student references are SGNI’s foundation for growth. We are very proud of the "SGNI learning experience" with High Standards of skill acquisition by the students.

SGNI Educational Group provides following facilities:-
• Online student portal through which student can access his profile.
• Online On demand examination with flexibility of date & time.
• Online results & verification.
• All the courses are taught by experienced and certified faculty.
• At SGNI, each student learns using their own state of the art computer.
• Unique student’s kit with excellent study material.
• Best infrastructure with modern computer labs & Wi-Fi campus.
• Scholarship for meritorious students.
• Free education for really poor & needy students.
• Low fee structure.